Data Solution Manager, Engineering Manager

SmartNews, Inc. (Tokyo, 日本) 19日前

Job Mission

SmartNews is a leading mobile app of news aggregation services. It analyzes millions of articles to deliver the most engaging information with high quality in near-real-time fashion to millions of users around the world. Our Data Solution team is crucial for achieving SmartNew’s vision of delivering high-quality content through personalized discovery.

The team missions are the following:

  1. Operate core company data sets and key ETL pipelines
  2. Provide data engineering service to other teams to achieve business goals
  3. Build toolings for other teams to use the SmartNews data platform efficiently


  1. Lead and build a strong Data Engineering team
  2. Develop strong ownership of core company data sets and key ETL pipelines and improve data quality & reliability
  3. Partner with internal technology and business leaders to identify, develop and execute data strategies
  4. Work with Data Infra and Platform teams to provide data solutions
  5. Build toolings to improve the efficiency of users who operates on data platforms


  1. 5+ Years of experience with data engineering and big data platform
  2. Demonstrated strength in SQL, data modeling, ETL development, and data warehousing
  3. Experience in operating data warehouse systems and working on large scale data transformation using EMR, Hadoop, Hive, or other Big Data technologies
  4. 1+ years of experience managing data engineering or data platform teams, capable of mentoring/growing engineers, and ensure data engineering best practices
  5. Strong capability to effectively communicate with both business and technical teams and deliver data engineering solutions for business impact
  6. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field

Data Solution Manager, Engineering Manager

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