Develop strategy and plan to drive business transformation focusing on digitalization across commercial organization. Anticipating quick environmental changes as well as customers’ behavior and value changes like what we’re seeing under COVID-19 crisis, understand the implication to Novartis and quickly act to drive changes needed in the organization. This role will be responsible for developing and executing digital marketing with a strong focus on customer in order to deliver benefits for both customer and the company. He/She will bring expertise in driving customer experience from other industries and adapt to new ways of engaging with customers in pharma.

Your responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Quickly grasp and foresee environmental as well as customer changes in order to come up with ideas to adapt and drive changes across commercial organization
• Develop mid-long term strategy to define NPKK way especially focusing on how to deliver value to our customers (both HCP and Patients) leveraging conventional channels as well as new digital channels
• Develop and execute digital marketing strategy from a customer-focused perspective
• Propose new business model utilizing digital channels and data to maximize the efficacy of promotion and customer benefit
• Seek the opportunity of partnering to develop new innovative solution
• Work with IT team to develop new capability
• Support for the executional excellence for each capability

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Japan Pharmacovigilance Expert
Novartis Pharma K.K. 4日前
Launch Excellence Manager, Oncology
Novartis Pharma K.K. 13日前
Lab Supervisor , Sasayama
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Digital marketing specialist

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