Full time -Front Desk Agent (Rusutsu) 正社員-フロントデスクスタッフ(ルスツ)

Full-time 245,000 JPY

Front Desk staff must be able to perform pre-registration and registration duties for incoming guest. They essentially check guest in and out, make room reservations and track and report room statues and rates. A hotel front desk agent is also available to all guests who need to report a complaint or request a service.

Key Responsibilities

  • フロントデスクスタッフの主な業務は、ゲストをお出迎えし客室にご案内する他、チェックイン・チェックアウト、客室予約の受付、ゲストサービスの予約も行います。チェックイン前には、宿泊者カードやルームキー、ゲストサービスのバウチャーの準備を行い、チェックアウト時にはルームチャージの確認や清算を行います。その他、売り上げ報告書の提出なども含まれます。
    Perform check in and check out for guests, providing rooms for guest with or without reservations is the chief task of a hotel front desk staff. This includes services same day reservations as well as pre-registered guests. Front desk staff must be able administered and presented vouchers of guest pre-booked services in resort or any product & services packages that has been paid prior guest arrival. The Hotel front desk staff will provide information about available rooms and rates, furnish room keys and hotel information and process payments. These duties also include checking guest out of hotels
  • チェックインの前に、ゲストからのリクエストの詳細を事前に確認し、客室の準備をする必要があります。
    Prior to check in, front desk staff must be able perform a room check prior guest check in for details like guest personal request in their room
  • チェックインの際、ゲストに支払い方法などを確認し、ゲストのID(パスポートなど)のコピーを取る必要があります。
    During check in, a front desk agent will verify guest’s method of payment and obtain a copy of the guest ID
  • ゲストからの苦情またはサービスリクエストを受けた場合、機敏に対応し処理できる能力が必要です。
    As hotel front desk staff is typically the individual who is approached by guests with comments, complaints, or service request, front desk staff should be able to handle complaints and requests in a timely manner
  • ゲストの情報登録やチェックアウト時に必要な精算処理などの確認を行います。
    Perform bookkeeping duties, in many cases a hotel front desk agent will be responsible for balancing cash accounts and ensure that all checkout payment balance at the end of their shift
  • ゲストのリクエストに応じて、事前にゲストサービスを提供することで、客室とゲストサービスの同時販売を行います。
    Also being able to upsell rooms or guest services by providing the right recommendation and booked guest services in the resort as per requested
  • スーパーバイザーによって割り当てられたその他の業務を行います。
    Other duties as assigned by supervisor




  • 実務経験がある場合は推薦状の提出
    Have a solid reference as having previous hospitality experience is an advantage
  • 個人パフォーマンスやチームワーク能力
    Task-driven individual and a team player
  • 細やかな配慮ができ、書面および口頭でのコミュニケーション能力が高いこと
    Strong written and verbal communication skills, in addition to attention to details
  • プロフェッショナルな身なり
    Well-presented and professional appearance
  • コンピュータやマイクロソフトオフィスを使いこなす能力
    Competency with computers / Microsoft office
  • 仕事を学ぶ姿勢や態度
    Ability to learn the job
  • 優れた接客スキル
    Excellent customer service skills
  • 業務時間に柔軟に対応
    Must have flexible hours
  • 日本語が母国語
    Native Japanese language skill
  • 日常会話レベルの英語の読み書き、会話
    Reading, writing and speaking English at an everyday conversational level
  • 普通自動車運転免許
    Driver’s license
  • 基本勤務日数は週5日ですが状況により週6勤務になる場合もあり
    Standard working days are 5 days per week, might up to 6 days per week



  • フレンドリーで成功しているチーム環境での仕事
    Working in a friendly and successful team environment
  • 才能と貢献に対する表彰制度
    Recognition program for your talents and contribution
  • スキーリフト券の貸与
    Access to ski lift passes
  • 一部のリゾートやアクティビティへの社員割引
    Employee discounts to some resorts and activities
  • 雇用保険、労災、健康保険、厚生年金 の加入可能
    Unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, health insurance, and welfare pension insurance are available
  • 平均年休120日
    Average of 120 days off per year

  • 冬季レクリエーション手当30,000円(1回限り)

One-time Winter Recreational Allowance of 30,000yen

Full time -Front Desk Agent (Rusutsu) 正社員-フロントデスクスタッフ(ルスツ)

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