Primary Function/ Primary Goals/ Objectives  主な役割/目標/目的 

Surgical Vision : Consignment Optimization

  1. Lead the optimization of inventory, focusing on consignment (long term & short term) management with supporting business growth, improving customer satisfaction and cashflow.
  2. Develop/execute new operation scheme/rules/policy to manage consignment in efficient way with the consulting firm (Including Support Plan & Mktg for NPI with scenario planning and develop consignment modeling tools)
  3. Collaborate/Partner with the global team to share the business cases/ best practices and help to scale up to other countries/regions

Vision Care : Demand Plan for CEH

Add Market Intelligence (Customer & Marketing Events) to Demand planning and Product Lifecycle management (NPI and Product discontinuation)

  1. Review statistical forecast generated and provide input on any changes required.
  2. Collect Information and collaborate with other functions such as Marketing, Sales, Finance etc. to identify events.
  3. Incorporate Customer and/or Market event demand that is not yet captured through the use of a representative sales history and statistical modeling
  4. Generate scenarios considering products, past event data, customer/market analysis, cannibalization, substitution, and other relevant parameters.
  5. Utilize alternative methods such as market models, lifecycle profiles, and data substitution to generate scenarios testing sensitivity to an array of parameters to arrive and align on the most probable forecast

Core Job Responsibilities/ Accountability / Scope (Major Duties and Responsibilities)

コア ジョッブ リスポンシビリティ 主な職務 / アカウンタビリティ (主な責任)/ 範囲

  1. Visualization to monitor inventory levels (incl. Projection)
  2. Support local SCM by collaborating with Sales & Marketing, Planning and Deliver team and the other functions to maintain product supply and optimize inventory at proper level based on BP
  3. Develop commercial operation rules to optimize Consignment, and Inventory management in order to prevent back orders and excessive inventory with the consulting firm (with governance process)
  4. Publish monthly consignment dashboard to review their performance
    • Analyze consignment level by account, sales level
  5. Enable PLAN to deliver/improve service & inventory targets by delivering/improving forecast measures for the portfolio
  6. Provide demand input to the S&OP/IBP process to allow for transparency of risks and opportunities. Participates in Demand Review and other S&OP/IBP forums as applicable

Sales Responsibilities (if applicable) 売上の責任: Sales result (Revenue/Profit)


Education 教育

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Fluent English and Fluent Japanese
  • Basic business skills (presentation, business analysis, ppt, excel)
  • MBA or equivalent experience preferred

Background (Experience) 経歴 (経験)

  • Experience of sales operation, supply chain plan and Inventory management (especially in consignment business)
  • Deep understanding on Medical Device distribution channel
  • Over 3~5 years work experience in Medical Device field (Preferred)
  • Experience of Project Management/Lead

Required Functional Competencies (Experience)  その役割に必要とされるコンピテンシー

  • Identify the key factor which impact the business the most and prioritize it
  • Ability to apply project and personal leadership to successfully achieve project, teams and individual goals
  • Create business foundation and environment that enables a sustainable growth
  • Collaborate across divisions to maximize/optimize business opportunities and ability to influence others in a matrix environment
  • Provide deep insights, knowledge and leadership to make businesses successful with good analytical skills
  • Giving proactive and constructive feedback to team members and business partners to help them grow

Primary Location
AMO Japan KK (8054)
Job Function
Requisition ID

[AMO/Vision Care]SC Planning Analyst

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