Laboratory work

Evaluate the new reagent,

Prepare the buffer solution and protein solution

Prepare the immunochromatography test device

Test the device with human serum/plasma, whole blood or other fluid.

Record in the laboratory notebook

Plan the experiment and execute

Learn how to use the production machine for the evaluation

    Plan the change

    Prepare the protocol for evaluation and report the results

    Change the related document for the production and testing.

                       Work for ADJ operational excellence project

                       Follow the quality system in ADJ and improve the work process

                       Laboratory maintenance, Machine/Equipment maintenance

                       Find the new technology and knowledge


      • More than 2 years’ experience in laboratory work
      • Basic knowledge of antibody-antigen reaction
      • Basic knowledge for chemistry
      • Plan and prepare the experimental protocol, do the experiment and prepare the report
      • Accurate use of micropipette
      • Native Japanese speaker and writing in Japanese
      • Can read visual test (red line signal intensity)
      • Can use UV/VIS photometer, pH meter, and centrifuge
      • Test SDS-PAGE, Purity by HPLC, Measure protein concentration
      • PC skills: Intermediate Excel user
      • Intermediate English skills for reading the technical documents in English

      The business English writing and conversation skill

      • Bachelor, Master or Doctor of Science or Pharmaceutical Science


      • N/A


      • Teamwork and collaboration
      • Confidence to achieve the goal

      An equal opportunity employer, Abbott welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce.

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