Job Description

* Sales
* SALES04690
Hiroshima office
Hiroshima, , JPN
### Description
General Description (Purpose of the placement, scope of program):
* New business win
* Pursuit activity
* RFQ quote development, presentation, price negotiation
* Promotional activities, complaint handling and other coordination windows
* Build and maintain strong relationships of trust with key customer
* Purchasing department, department related to technology and quality, and other departments and employees involved in decision-making
* Advance acquisition and analysis of information on trends and organizational changes of departments and employees involved in decision-making
* Extraction and presentation of effective alternative proposals to meet customer needs
* Coordinate with internal related department leads, mainly overseas, to promote operations
* Technology Department, Advanced Technology Department, Quality Department, Program Management, Purchasing Department, Logistics Department, Marketing Department
* Create business opportunities especially in collaboration with the Technology Department and the Advanced Technology Department
* Develop and implement sales strategy for the responsible automobile manufacturer (JOEM)
* Acquisition, analysis and reporting of customer- and product-related information necessary for sales strategy development
* Sales strategy development and implementation
Specific Responsibilities (Detailed information of the position’s R&R):
* Mobilization of corporate/company resources to deliver commitments with customers
* Overseas related department lead and interest adjustment for cross function team
* Strategize, educate and nurture employees in your department
Required Skills & Experiences:
* More than 10 years of sales experience with JOEM for auto parts manufacturers (including 3 years of management experience)
* Knowledge of the automotive industry business and automotive parts
* High communication skills in Japanese and English
* Ability to develop subordinates
* Negotiation ability, relationship building ability, organizational sense ability, information orientation
* Positive attitude to the results, sense of responsibility, endurance to accomplish the purpose
* Team lead ability to achieve team working and higher goals
* If you have work experience overseas, it is a plus
Japanese, English
PC skills:
*Posted:* August 6, 2019