Training Manager, Amazon Marketplace Paid Services

Amazon (Meguro, 日本) 11日前
Remote Friendly Other Asia Internship

Amazonセラーサービス事業本部は、新たに創設したチーム Marketplace Paid Services (以下MPS) 部門のトレーニング マネージャーを募集します。

Amazon出品サービス はAmazon以外の企業がAmazon Market place上に商品を出品、販売を行うことができる企業向けサービスです。2007年4月のサービス提供開始から今日に至るまで、多くの法人企業様(以下「出品者」)に利用され、さらにその数は毎月増えています。Amazonのミッションである地球上で最も豊富な品揃えを実現するためには今後更に様々な商品を出品者様にご出品いただくことが不可欠です。



1. 出品者満足度向上に繋がるマーチャント・コンサルタントの最適なトレーニングプログラムのオペレーション
2. あらゆるステイクホルダーとの強力な関係を維持し、トレーニングを滞りなく実行する
3. 現行のトレーニングプログラムの改善立案
4. トレーナーの管理・調整
5. トレーニングの進捗管理・マーチャント・コンサルタントの習熟度トラッキング
6. データ分析に基づいた課題明確化、改善施策の提案と実施
7. 海外チームから学んだベストプラクティスの日本でのローカライゼーション
1. 結果・目標に対する強いコミットを持っている
2. 俯瞰的、包括的な視点に立って判断ができる
3. Amazonの購入者視点に立った判断ができる
4. 定量的なデータ分析に基づいた判断ができる
5. PDCAサイクルを自主的に回せる
6. スピード感を持ち、論理的に考えた上で、戦略立案が行える
7. 成長意欲、学習意欲がある
8. 変化や挑戦に対して好意的である




Marketplace Paid Services (MPS)
Are you interested in innovating to deliver a world-class level of service to Amazon’s Selling Partners? The Amazon Marketplace Paid Services (MPS) program which seeks to improve the customer and Selling Partner experience on Amazon by working directly with Selling Partners to improve value, selection and convenience across their business. Our team will invent and innovate across technology, processes and people to grow the program, improve seller engagement and satisfaction and enable global solutions through direct cooperation with the US, EU, and China Teams.

MPS is seeking a dynamic and motivated Training Manager to develop and help growing our newly launched Paid Services business. Training Manager is responsible for the planning, coordination, execution and implementation of various learning and development programs used to train new hires and existing Merchant Consultants and also developing overall growth strategy of this new program and support both Selling Partners to grow their business through this new service.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable influencing senior external stakeholders, strong analytical skills, a track record of using data and tools to drive business growth and be comfortable operating in an ambiguous environment given the early stage of the MPS program.

Core Responsibilities:

· Operate an optimal training program for Merchant Consultants that will improve Selling Partners satisfaction
· Maintain a strong relationship with all stakeholders to ensure flawless execution of training plans
· Improve current training program
· Manage and coordinate Trainer’s schedules
· Manage Training progress and track Merchant Consultant proficiency
· Clarify issues based on data analysis, propose and implement improvement measures
· Localize best practices learned from overseas teams in Japan

Various Working System for Work Life Harmony

We believe that it is important to spend private time such as spending time with your family or doing anything you like to spur innovation. Amazon promotes a fulfilling and flexible work style according to the work volume and lifestyle of each employee. (Example: Flex Time, Work From Home, Maternity /Parenting /Family Care Leave etc.)

Training Manager, Amazon Marketplace Paid Services

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